Corporate Training

Today’s Technology Solutions offers a career geared training for freshers and working professionals with a plethora of IT Courses to choose from. At TTS, our goal is not just make the trainee pass the certification exams or be able to land a job offer but able to break into the IT career industry and be able to demonstrate excellent performance by keeping the job. We understand that the trend has changed enormously with the fast paced growing nature of technologies and the demands from the IT companies that is why we are bent on equipping our students with these updated skills. Our training module is classroom focused, meant on providing guidance, mentorship and real time hands on proficiency at the same time. We are also a nationwide platform where trainees and instructors are linked by zip code. That is why we are in continuous affiliation with seasoned IT professionals interested in sharing knowledge uplifting Americans and other people living in America into the demanding IT work force and earn reasonable passive income in return.

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